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Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). and business hub of the Persian Gulf region and also a major transport hub for passengers and cargo. This wonderful city is known for its bubbly atmosphere and harmonious living for looking for such massage centers in Dubai which offer unparalleled massage services with knowledgeable and well experienced international therapists. Alkarama Spa is the destination for all those who are in search of a place to relax and get rejuvenated.


Dubai is the right city for a relaxing getaway Being such an incomparable city, Dubai features the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival as an annual event which is an occasion for getting together the enthusiasts world over. It is our experience that many visitors always look for best massage in Dubai for enjoying the blend of aroma from various lands and provinces and to experience the exotic body massage in Dubai. Aklarama Gents Massage is a complete combination of world therapists’ expertise, blend of world aroma, mythological roots and fascinating ambience. As part of our desire to establish a world class Dubai massage center we have conducted elaborate study and discussions about the needs and moods of the visitors. We undertook extensive study tours to various centers to understand the ground reality and bring luxury massage in Dubai. We have introduced many unparalleled world class Spa features and facilities for our guests in our centers. Aklarama Spa has become a name to reckon with when someone thinks about a hot massage center in Dubai. Aklarama Spa is known for its’ hospitality and well acclaimed place for unwinding the stress and strain. We have diverse styles in offering massage services including Asain aromatherapy massage, Purifying Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai herbal massage, Hot stones massage. Aklarama Spa advocates proactive holistic wellness and rejuvenation combining traditional therapies of various nations. We drive for guest contentment through our team of therapists adept in spa therapies at our massage spa in Dubai. The reputation of our massage center in Dubai is built not only simply due to various therapeutic methodologies and systems but it is also deeply influenced by the positive energy and attitudes of our therapists. A visit to our massage spa in Dubai could be more than a fantasy…

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    28 OCT 2016 AT 06:30 PM
    I honestly think this might have been the best massage Ive ever had! SO relaxing & exactly what I needed
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      21 OCT 2016 AT 06:30 PM
      Reasonable prices. Dedicated workers. Very attentive and helpful staff. Thanks alot I had the greatest session
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    16 OCT 2016 AT 06:30 PM
    A very calm and relaxing environment - I think I could have fallen asleep! I had the greatest session